Top-Rated Holiday Parks around Fritton

Great Yarmouth has many activities, hotels, and events to enjoy. But one of the most enjoyable and spectacular factors to consider with the county is its fascinating accommodation options. From hotels to resorts and wellness retreats, the county has everything to make the perfect holiday stay even better.

These are among the top-rated holiday parks to enjoy in Great Yarmouth.

Haven Hopton

Haven Hopton is located in Hopton-on-Sea. Although not located in Great Yarmouth itself, it is still one of the best options when looking for a relaxed yet exciting destination around Fritton. It’s a peaceful oasis with beautiful garden landscapes and can almost be seen as a holiday village. With so many activities available while still being peaceful, it’s perfect for large groups where some want to relax, and others want to partake in adventurous activities.

Some of the activities available include an outdoor swimming pool, adventure golf, tennis courts, and more.

Haven Wild Duck

The perfect accommodation setting if you want to experience the wildlife of Norfolk. At this magical haven, you can enjoy wildlife while biking through the woodland trails. Haven Wild Duck is situated only four miles from Gorleston Beach, making it easy to go for a quick walk on the beach. The Great Yarmouth Park is also the close distance, making it a perfect destination for peace, quiet, and adventures.

Haven Sea-Shore

Located in North Denes, Great Yarmouth, it’s a great destination for walking and seeing some of Great Yarmouth’s most beautiful attractions. Its walking distance to the pleasure beach and the road train makes it great for being close to many different activities and destinations.

What makes Haven Sea-Shore even more exciting is the great facilities they provide. They keep the fun alive while also providing a great way to get cosy and relaxed.

These three resorts are seen as being among the most well-rated resorts for larger groups and families wanting to visit lake Fritton and Great Yarmouth. By visiting Great Yarmouth, you are in close distance to all the activities to take part in an outdoors experience.