Guide to bet on UK football

English league bets are very popular with online bookmakers across Europe. In addition to Spanish, German and Italian football, English leagues, such as betting on the Premier League, are particularly popular when it comes to sports betting in Germany. The English league has seen a big boom in the last 5 years. This applies not only to national but also to international football.

Teams from the Premier League

Many large, well-known companies sponsor the teams from the Premier League or even hold substantial shares in the clubs. In contrast to other European leagues, the English first division is considered unpredictable. When it comes to sports betting on the Premier League, there aren't really any teams that can be clearly favourites. Rather, it happens more often that the top favourites surprisingly lose their games or play a draw.

The Premier League is, along with the Italian league, the toughest in the world – if only because of its defensive behaviour. The typical English kick and rush, as you know it from the legendary England games of the World Cup, has long since ceased to exist in this form. Favourite English teams in the Premier League often have to fight far more than teams in other national leagues to win. The reason for this is that even supposedly weak teams can usually outgrow themselves at home games. This is very typical of English football.

Football clubs

The English football clubs Chelsea, Manchester City and Leicester are lucky that well-known sponsors hold shares in the club. In the past few years, many expensive but good football superstars could be bought. None of the clubs mentioned could ever play for the championship or for participation in the UEFA Champions League before the share purchase. Let alone buy players from 30 million euros upwards. With the help of the sponsors this is no longer a problem today.betting on the Premier League

Clubs such as Leicester and Manchester City are particularly proud of the success they have achieved through these financial injections. Despite their mediocre position in the table at the end of the Premier League season, Leicester is just as strong as RB Leipzig in Germany. When it comes to sports betting on the Premier League, a strong performance can be expected especially for the coming season from Leicester (champions of the Premier League 2015/2016). In addition to Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal London, you should always consider the team in your tips for the English league.

Around ¾ of all English teams in the Premier League finished the 2016/2017 season with a negative goal difference. Quite astonishing result. Only places 1 to 7 in the table (out of a total of 20) scored more goals than they “got in”. This is a clear indicator of the defensive weakness or the lack of goal rank of the teams. With goal bets you will probably have less luck in sports betting on the Premier League than in comparison to Spanish football, where significantly more goals are scored per season.

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